New Site Features: Registration Contact Selector, Metadata Checkup, and Claim Exports

We recently launched three powerful new site features to optimize your workflow and strengthen your music business.

User Registration Contact Selector

Our new Contact Selector field lets libraries provide site registrants with an option selector for which department their registration request should be received by. 

Previously, all login registration requests were received by the same email(s), as designated in the admin panel. Now, companies have the option of including a contact selector drop down on their login request form. Site administrators can customize the name of the contact selector field and each contact option, then set which team member(s) should receive the registration request based on the registrant’s section.  

For example, each option in the drop down can be named to display a different media format, or level of service needed. Depending on the registrant’s selection, a registration email may be received by a music supervision team, a sales representative, marketing analysts, composers, or any combination of the above. Ensure new clients get in touch with the right team member for immediate, specialized attention without any extra steps or unnecessary buffers.

This addition builds on a wide array of tools for formatting the information request form for login registration. Configure registration requests to be auto-approved, or to require manual approval. Use a standard text field to collect basic information, a text box to collect more detailed information, a multiple choice drop down or phone number formatted entry field, and set whether each of these fields should be mandatory or optional.

Metadata Checkup: Writer and Publisher Fields

We’ve launched a new page in the admin panel called “Metadata Checkup” where site administrators can make sure their metadata is up to best standards and practices.

The checkup tool currently assists sites in streamlining their writer and publisher metadata into our PRO formatted interested party fields. Sites using outdated metadata will feature tools on their metadata checkup page to seamlessly shift their old data into PRO compliant formatting. Sites that have properly formatted metadata will display a message confirming that no changes are necessary.

This advancement means that old, singular “composers” and “publishing” fields no longer need to be manually maintained. Instead, site administrators can now select for their admin panel metadata exports to include singular “writers” and “publishers” fields that each collect all relevant party names and create a composite field for the export. The deletion of these deprecated fields and automation of this data means half the manpower spent maintaining it, and guaranteed PRO compliance to save even more time when registering tracks.

Streamline your PRO registrations and royalty collection in over 70 territories by opting into global publishing administration with SourceAudio Collect.

Export YouTube Claim Data

The Youtube Content ID claim panel now features a CSV data export tool. 

The new claims export tool provides site admins with a new level of control over their data by allowing them to download claims and all relevant information into a CSV spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains the date and time of the creation of the claim, YouTube codes to identify the claim, video and channel information, and relevant track metadata including writers and publishers.

To export a CSV claims spreadsheet, click the Export Claims button in the top right corner of the claims panel, specify the date window to export claims for, and click to export.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming launch of our latest revenue-generating program, ClaimFreeMusic, an opt-in library service for social media licensing. Participants earn passive quarterly income as we market and license their music for use on social media– coming soon!

Friday, 13 November 2020