Mobile App Synchronization Licenses and E-commerce Rate Cards

New apps are brought to market every day, and many of them include some kind of music or sound. This presents a massive synchronization opportunity for rights holders, especially if they use a well constructed rate card to fairly value the license.

Unless the licensee insists on a buy-out, the rights holder’s first responsibility in procuring a license is to collect information from the licensee that gives an accurate and complete picture of the usage that will occur. 

This includes where the app will be available for download or purchase, as well as which countries will have access to the app. Additionally, you as the rights holder will want to agree with your customer upon how much the music will be used within the app, or if the licensee is entitled to unlimited “needle drops” i.e. usage of the audio.

Often this evaluation happens through a conversation, but if you’re dealing with a high volume of licensee customers, you can save valuable time by automating this process with a detailed rate card in the e-commerce suite.

After a licensee clicks to add a track to their cart, they’ll see their first set of multiple choice options appear from the rate card. Then depending on their selection, they’ll see another set of options pop up, and then another based on that response, specifying as many variables as you the rights holder would like. 

For instance, your first question might be the format of the media, whether it’s an app, film, OTT streaming, NFT, a catch-all selection or other formats, or whatever types of licenses your company wants to offer. Then if the licensee selects “app”, you could ask about the platforms it will be released on, and then the countries, and needle drops. You may even want to ask the total budget of the project.

Finally, the licensee will receive a price quote for the license depending on the answers given. Rate card creators also always have the opportunity to set a rate card selection to trigger a “contact us” message. This can serve a variety of purposes and certainly ensures that your biggest clients receive special attention.

With great tools and the right knowledge, a music library can tap into a vast and high-value market in the mobile app space!

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Friday, 22 April 2022