New SourceAudio Homepage Tools are Here!

By SourceAudio | Updated July 20, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce our redesign of SourceAudio homepages is now live! These updates provide music libraries with more versatility and control to express their brand and showcase their valuable assets.

Our update makes it even faster and easier to design the perfect landing page with zero hassles. We’ve updated the interface of the homepage builder with a fresh, new look and added more easy-to-use formatting tools to make your drag-and-drop homepage look like it was professionally designed.

Find all your favorite components—carousels, text blocks, tracks, albums, artists, writers, labels, catalogs, playlists, blog posts, and social links—with new customization parameters so you can continue showcasing your content seamlessly and with greater control than ever before.

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We know that every library has its own precise aesthetic vision, and that’s why it’s now possible to:

    • Choose to use featured listings or create custom lists for your components

    • Set how many listing items appear in any component

    • Fully customize your background in just a few click

    • Show or hide component headers and drop shadows

    • Toggle between our new extra wide layout and the standard 1000 pixel width layout

    • Easily adjust display counts and alignments to present your content exactly as you envision

    • Add your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon to a social component

    • Continue using HTML, CSS, and iframes for deep customization in text block components

Once you’ve created your desired layout, use the new “Preview Changes” button at the top of the page to review how your changes will appear before clicking the “Save Home Page” button.

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