Self-Serve AI Metadata Tagging is Here, and Your First 20 Songs are Free!

By SourceAudio | Updated February 22, 2024

Unleash the Power of AI Tagging Inside Your SourceAudio Admin Panel

Our new AI tagging delivers unmatched quality, value, and performance. And, when you tag a song with our AI, all future upgrades and updates flow your way automatically (for SA clients). Starting today, AI tagging is INSTANTLY ACCESSIBLE right inside your SourceAudio Admin Panel! Time to tag away!

Ready to dramatically improve discovery and future-proof your catalog? Here’s how to AI tag your music instantly:

Step 1 » Go to the Al Tools section in your admin panel.
Step 2 » Select songs to batch tag (get 20 free!)
Step 3 » Submit the batch then select your desired tag settings and delivery.

Every song is tagged for Genre, Mood, Style, + 7 more fields. Instrumentation and Lyrics coming soon!

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