New Feature Release: Music Access Filters

We just released our new Music Access Filters tool, providing site administrators with a new level of control over how site users access digital assets for playback or download.

While previous access tools only allowed one static set of permissions for each user, admins can now enable user accounts with multiple Music Access Filters so that users can toggle between different settings.

Set Music Access Filter Permissions

Site administrators can find their Music Access Filters in the Admin Panel → Manage Users → Music Access Filters. Each filter provides a complete set of permissions, dictating both visibility and download permissions on an album-by-album basis.

Sites start out with two Music Access Filters: “Default Logged In” and “Default Logged Out”.

From there, site administrators can create as many new Music Access Filters as they'd like, each with its own unique set of permissions.

Enable Custom Filters on User Accounts

Once a custom Music Access Filter has been created it can be enabled on a user account as a singular, static access filter, or enabled as one of multiple filters so that the user can change access permissions at any time.

Users with multiple Music Access Filters enabled on their account will have a Music Access Filter drop-down selector just to the right of the search bar at the top of the browser window; site administrators will have a Music Access Filter drop-down selector with every Music Access Filter, plus an Admin Access option for complete access.

When a selection is made from the drop-down, the site will immediately reload with the new permissions.

Metadata Embedding for Track Downloads

Music Access Filters also dictate how metadata is embedded on downloaded tracks, as they are linked to Metadata Embedding Profiles.

With multiple Music Access Filters enabled on an account, toggling filters makes it easy to switch between different metadata embedding settings when downloading.

All Your Different Usage Agreements from One Account

Music Access Filters take the headache out of complex usage agreements. They can be applied when creating a user account, approving an inbound request, or edited anytime from the Admin Panel.

Use this powerful new turnkey feature to provide dynamic and exact access settings for all your most important clients.

For a complete guide to using Music Access Filters on your site, check out our feature documentation, here.

Friday, 22 January 2021