Get Started Collecting Your YouTube Royalties for Free and With a 100/0 Split for 90 days!

YouTube Royalty collection through SourceAudio only ever costs you a small fraction of what you earn, and for the first 90 days, you keep 100%!

How to get started: 

Get up and running in just a few clicks! Unlike some other royalty collection services, we’ve streamlined enrollment to its most essential elements.

Upload all your tracks to your SourceAudio library site. This is the one and only place you will need to upload your tracks since all SourceAudio’s passive revenue generation programs draw from your centralized track library. One upload and you’re all set!

Once your tracks are online, head to your admin panel by clicking the wrench & screwdriver icon in the top right » click YOUTUBE CONTENT ID in the bottom left » and then click PREVIEW AND APPLY. That’s it! Your application will be reviewed by our YouTube department, and you should be approved promptly.

If you don’t have a SourceAudio library site yet, email us at support@sourceaudio.com, and we’ll help get you set up.

Selecting Which Tracks and Which Royalties You Will Be Collecting

Our YouTube ingestion tools put you in total control of the rights you are claiming, both during the enrollment process, as well as for ongoing additions to your catalog.

The YouTube Content ID Settings tab contains all your track ingestion tools, starting with the Ingestion Default, the site-wide default: “Ingest” or “Do Not Ingest.” Then just below that, you can set whether or not you control the publishing (or just the master) for tracks ingested by default and what territory you’ll be collecting for. Note, territory is not determined by the country of the YouTube video uploader; it refers to the country of any viewer of the video, i.e. where the royalty itself is generated.

The next group of settings down the page allows you to create conditional rules to act as exceptions for the default above. For instance, if you have a specific artist whose YouTube royalties you don’t collect, you can create a conditional rule here not to ingest any of those tracks into YouTube Content ID.

Finally, at the bottom of the page are the most granular settings. Here you can use a CSV import to set which tracks you want to collect for and the specific rights and territories for each track.

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Looking for help getting started? To speak with an expert, email jarrett@sourceaudio.com.

Friday, 17 March 2023