AI Metadata Tagging FAQs

By SourceAudio | Updated October 24, 2023

Looking to save time, money, and hassle while taking your music metadata to the next level? SourceAudio’s new AI-powered metadata service has all the answers. Leveraging proprietary machine learning technology, our automated tagging system instantly adds fresh, comprehensive, and highly accurate metadata to any size music catalog—from individual tracks to millions of songs. Check out the FAQs below to learn more about how AI-powered metadata can enhance discoverability, unlock powerful functionality, and future-proof your library then CLICK HERE to get started.

Q: Do I need a SourceAudio site to tag my music with AI?

A: We highly recommend maintaining an active SourceAudio subscription to continuously benefit from our state-of-the-art AI audio tagging solution. 

A one-time metadata snapshot simply captures a moment-in-time analysis. However, the true power of SourceAudio is realized through an ongoing subscription that allows you to:

Instantly Access Evolving Tags

– Search audio assets directly in SourceAudio or via API across your platforms 

– New uploads are instantly analyzed with our latest AI for real-time tagging & insights

– Tags continuously optimize as our models rapidly advance  

Enjoy a Future-Proof Solution

– Exciting roadmap of new descriptive terms, techniques, and use cases added regularly

– Early 2024 will see new Style, Instrumentation, Vocals, and more metadata fields added

– As an active member, you automatically receive all major feature releases 

By subscribing, you future-proof your metadata and unlock emerging categories that fuel advanced analytics, optimized search & discovery, synchronization opportunities, and revenue growth. Maintaining state-of-the-art intelligence ensures your content remains fully optimized for all streaming, licensing, and distribution channels well into the future.

The option of a one-time analysis exists. But to truly capitalize on SourceAudio’s AI innovations, an ongoing subscription provides unmatched, evergreen value.

Q: Do I need an ongoing subscription to leverage your AI tags? 

A: No. We offer the option of one-time AI tagging. However, an active subscription unlocks additional, continuous value including:

– Access to Future Upgrades: As our AI models rapidly advance, your tags upgrade automatically.

– Integration Options: Through our API, you can integrate our industry-leading text search, prompt search, sonic search, and metadata management tools into your own platforms.  

– Instant Tagging: New uploads get tagged in real-time with our latest intelligence.

– Cost Savings: For a small monthly fee, subscribe once for continuous upgrades versus paying per re-tag to access more fields, descriptive terms, analytics, and all of the other enhancements we have planned.

By subscribing to our monthly hosting SaaS product, aka “Catalog Manager”, you future-proof your metadata to fuel search, discovery, personalization, synchronization opportunities, and advanced analytics well into the future. With flexible API integration options, think of it as powering your platform’s capabilities via our AI rather than just accessing our interface.

The choice is yours. But subscribing unlocks enduring advantages from both an economic and technological perspective.

Q: What fields does the AI tag?

A: Genre, mood, style, style of, keyword, bpm, has vocals, and key data. In early 2024 we will be adding male/female vocals, instrumentation, and even full lyric transcription.

Q: Can I export the tags as a csv file? 

A: Yes, and just like Sonic Search, you can also access them using our API.

Q: Can I edit the AI tags?

A: While you cannot edit the AI tag fields themselves, we provide tools which make it easy to copy or merge tags to fields which can be edited. You can also choose to include or exclude AI tag fields for search.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Every SourceAudio subscriber starts with 30 FREE TRACKS they can TAG WITH AI and $.40 per track is our standard fee thereafter. Non-SourceAudio subscribers pay $0.50/track for a one-time snapshot of their own metadata. You can choose to AI tag specific tracks, albums, or your entire catalog. Contact us for enterprise bulk pricing.

Q: Is this service for me if I’ve already tagged my music?

A: Yes! You will see dramatic improvements in the relevance of your search results as the AI is impartial and isn’t subject to human bias, incomplete data, or human error. And, our AI metadata stays on time, on trend, and takes into consideration how the world is actually searching for music right now and into the future… that’s why we keep saying, “Future-proof your catalog with our AI tagging”!


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