AI Powered Metadata V1.1 is Here!

By SourceAudio | Updated April 1, 2024

AI Metadata v1.1 is here

Your AI tags just got even better! ️

Whether you’ve already gotten your AI-metadata or not, this update is an exciting one for all of us! As our AI model is exposed to more usage and data over time, its performance improves, allowing it to make better decisions over time. This process of learning and improving with more data results in even better results for you and your business, and that first big upgrade is already here.

By leveraging fine-tuning techniques and expanding our proprietary reference data, we’re now generating even better results than those available at launch just two months ago.

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Here’s What’s New

✅ Greater diversity, relevance, and precision

✅ Zero action needed from your end—everything goes live automatically

✅ Updates affect:
M/F Vocals

As well as…
👉 Instruments (coming very soon!)
👉  Lyrics (coming very soon!)

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2. Deliver your tags wherever they’re needed via synced listings, download, or API

3. Greater potential for licensing and revenue generation

4. Major competitive advantages over catalogs with incomplete, biased, often only semi-accurate metadata

5. Massive time and resource savings

6. Maximized exposure and monetization potential

7. Superior view into trends, insights, and new opportunities ️

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