Watch your site for the ⚡️ on new AI tools

By SourceAudio | Updated March 1, 2024

Keep an eye out for our little “︎⚡️” AI indicator appearing in key spots on your SourceAudio site starting next week. Click it to unlock new AI optimizations across your site, including the generation of: 

– AI Playlists + Artwork

– AI Album Art

– AI Metadata

– AI Similarity Search 

Coming Next Week: AI Playlist Generation! Enhance curation, boost retention, and optimize discovery. Look for the ⚡️️ New AI PLAYLIST” button in your playlist section next week! ️

Plus, self-serve AI metadata is live right now! ️All SourceAudio clients have access to our best-in-class AI metadata tools in their admin panel right now! Your first 20 tracks are free!

Just visit the new “AI Tools” section of your Admin Panel to get started. Give it a shot and see for yourself how AI metadata is changing the game!

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