FREE AI METADATA – Now on All Catalog Manager Sites

By SourceAudio | Updated July 2, 2024

Supercharge your music library with cutting-edge AI-powered metadata — on us! Every Catalog Manager site now comes with FREE AI metadata tagging for your entire catalog. Leverage this incredible tool now, and read on to learn how it can drastically optimize discovery and simplify your operations! 💫

1. Future-proof your metadata – Auto-updates leverage our latest and most powerful AI. 🚀

2. Competitive edge – Sophisticated tagging vastly outperforms manual processes. 🦾

3. Comprehensive descriptions – Our massive descriptor database expertly captures critical musical nuances. 🎵

4. Bias elimination – Objective tagging based solely on sonic characteristics. 🤖

5. Granular identification – Pinpoints subtle qualities, moods, and audio elements. 🔎

6. Up-to-date language – Adapts to current music terminology and industry jargon. 🗣️

7. Trend awareness – Recognizes emerging styles, genres, and production techniques. 📈 

8. Self-serve tagging – Intuitive, turnkey tools. 🛠️

9. Cost savings – Ditch manual tagging to save time, money, and effort. 💰

10. Consistent quality – Uniform, high-quality tags across your entire catalog. ✨

11. Enhanced discoverability – Improves search results, recommendations, and playlisting opportunities. 🎉

Click here to visit or create your site and get started now 🏷️

Ready to harness the power of AI? Head to your site’s admin panel » Manage Metadata » AI Tools, and start tagging for free!

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