Meet Your New AI-Powered Playlist Generating Sidekick

By SourceAudio | Updated March 9, 2024

It’s here! Our brand new AI Playlist Generator is now available on the left side of every SourceAudio site in the playlist area! Just click the “⚡︎NEW AI PLAYLIST” button to get started!

Revolutionize Music Discovery with AI Playlists

Our proprietary tech and method goes beyond LLM-only based approaches and leverages natural language, AI metadata, and AI Sonic Search together to produce outsized results that will blow you away! You, your team, and your clients can now instantly generate perfectly-curated playlists with just a simple text prompt.

Here are some examples you can play with to get a feel for this new game-changing capability:

“High energy hip-hop beats for a sports brand commercial”

“Kids songs that are perfect for an animated dinosaur movie”

“Rock songs for a software company ad on sports radio”

“Upbeat holiday jingles for a dinner party”

“Brazilian daytime beach party vibes” 

Instantly Create Captivating AI Artwork

Once you prompt the new playlist generator, our AI will also generate you unique, fully-cleared, professional artwork to pair perfectly with your new playlist. No need to search elsewhere or pay additional fees – our system handles artwork end-to-end, instantly. 

Coming up next – stay tuned for our free & unlimited AI album art generator arriving in just a few weeks! This will effortlessly create stunning, unique album art for all of your releases past, present, and future!

You may be asking yourself… “Is this something I can customize and enhance with my own usage data to improve the curation, discovery, and programming experiences within my own app?”

The answer is yes, and we’re happy to tell you more. Learn more about our advanced capabilities — including other inputs like macro trending and usage data across social media and the DSPs — and reach out to set up a call with a team member

Now, Go Try It For Yourself!

Now go give the new AI Playlist Generator a spin for yourself… we had a ton of fun playing with it during testing, and we can’t wait to hear how it speeds up and optimizes your music curation, discovery, pitch process, and more!

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