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SelecTracks Becomes the Second White Label Catalog Partner to Go With Our Advanced DNS Support Product

SelecTracks on Source Audio

SelecTracks on Source Audio

We’ve got our 2nd white label partner taking advantage of our advanced DNS support feature! While the site, code, music and data are Source Audio-hosted, the site lives under the SelecTracks domain. Pretty cool. We can really point any URL (with proper access) at these white label partner sites making them look and feel like they’re truly integrated into each partner’s site. Our [dot] vanity URL’s are nice for some but for larger partners and brands, this feature becomes a necessity. We’re pretty excited about this custom offering.

By the way, check out the new waveforms for all tracks on the site. They’re awesome. Not to boast, but they’re way better than all the others out there. They don’t get blown out to the point where they all being to look to the same. We really nailed these and the volume changes and variations are really noticeable and extremely accurate.


Audio Kitchen Launches – With Our Advanced DNS Support in Action

Audio Kitchen - Our First Production Music Catalog Partner in Europe

Audio Kitchen - Our First Production Music Catalog Partner in Europe

We're very proud to announce two firsts with the launch of our most recent white label:

1. Our first European production music catalog has joined our music licensing and distribution platform, and

2. We have our first white label living at its own, stand-alone domain (and not a subdomain).

These are both really big wins. The platform will be getting tons of exposure in European markets when Audio Kitchen distributes their music to their clients and users. If our retention and growth is anything like it is here in the states we look for big things in Europe in the near future. In addition to this we've confirmed that we can point literally any URL (owned by a partner, of course) at a white label site. All white labels are fully hosted on the SourceAudio platform, and giving partners the ability to direct users to their site through their own brand's URL is pretty exciting. Surely there's more news to come soon.


Another White Label Launches: Artists First Music

Artists First Music

Artists First Music - Where the artist comes first.

The 9th white label site on the Source Audio music search & distribution platform launched this weekend. Artists First Music offers production music for license from their catalog consisting of 1,904 tracks, 11 albums, and 32 artists. This is just their first music import onto the platform and we're sure their online catalog will grow in the near future. Check out their super high-quality production music right here!


We Launch Another One: Music Junkies Owns the Newest White Label Site

Music Junkies Production Music

Music Junkies Launches With 2,545 Tracks for License

The 8th branded white label site has launched on the SourceAudio platform since February 1. In addition to this, Music Junkies’ “Music For Motion Picture Advertising” catalog is the latest addition to SourceAudio’s music aggregation destination at taking the total number of tracks available from streaming, saving, sharing, emailing, downloading and licensing to over 161,000.


SourceAudio’s 7th White Label Site: The Hit House

Hit House Production Music

The Hit House Production Music Catalog

he Hit House is the latest catalog to jump on board the SourceAudio platform. Bringing album titles like, “Funny Bone Comedy”, “Adrenaline and Laughter” and “Stirring and Dramatic” to the site, The Hit House offers music and sound effects like no other catalog on the platform today.

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