Our AI Roadmap: Here’s what’s up next

By SourceAudio | Updated February 19, 2024

We’ve got more AI features coming your way — immediately and over the next few months — that will continue to help you optimize, enhance your creativity, and unlock new opportunities. Here’s a peek into what we’ve got coming your way next so you can plan, prepare, and take advantage of what our best-in-class AI has to offer!

Need new or improved metadata? We’ve got you! Your first 20 tracks tagged are FREE → start NOW in the new “AI Tools” section of your Admin Panel.
» The fastest, easiest, most powerful and effective way to optimize music discovery
» Tested and verified best-in-class accuracy
» Powered by our in-house, proprietary, best-in-class AI model + oceans of B2B platform data
» Metadata auto-updates to future-proof your music at all times
» Always available on platform and via the SourceAudio API too!

Generate spot-on, perfectly-curated playlists instantly with a simple prompt. Generate beautiful playlist artwork and perfectly optimized titles in real-time as well.
» Example: “High-energy workout playlist, instrumentals only”
» Example: “Sweet, gentle mix for a romantic montage in a movie trailer”
» Example: “Fun kids’ songs for an animated dinosaur movie”
» Generate perfectly paired artwork and titles for every playlist
» Always available via the SourceAudio API

Generate new, professional album art instantly – FREE and UNLIMITED to all clients!
» Forget about hiring a graphic designer for every new release — our AI solution will make it for you!
» Generate album art from your album’s metadata or from a prompt, and keep trying until you get the perfect design
» Always available via the SourceAudio API

Need lyrics? Get your lyrics as an add-on to your AI metadata for only $0.10/track. 
» Fast, ultra-accurate, and built into your SourceAudio Admin Panel
» Easily generate lyrics for one or more songs instantly, all for just $0.10/track (when you get metadata too)

Disrupt unauthorized downstream AI from sampling or reproducing your music with our patent-pending audio protection technology!
» Your creativity deserves security, protect it against unauthorized AI
» Stops AI from sampling or reproducing your works
» Our team will make it easy to implement: get on the waitlist here

Double, triple… or quadruple the size of your catalog with our artist-centric AI that produces the highest quality music available today — all while respecting copyright and tracking ownership from start to finish.
» With advanced editing and authorship tools at your fingertips, generating new works from your catalog will be easier than ever
» Whether you’re a musician or a novice, our ethical tools empower you to make great music fast
» Unlike other services, you never have to worry about the security of your data

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