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New Feature: Find-As-You-Type Search Recommendations

Start typing and your site will begin recommending related search terms and exact matches for you

Start typing and your site will begin recommending related search terms and exact matches for you


We are dedicated to constantly improving both our technology and user experience around search because we know that more powerful, accurate, and fast search results are critical for both buyers and sellers. With that in mind, we have just launched our new find-as-you-type search recommendation feature that's now available on every site on the SourceAudio network.

Here's how it works:

Start typing in your main search field at the top of your site. Search by keyword, name, title, or any other field in your metadata. You'll notice that instantly you begin seeing recommended results that correspond to the letters you've typed in, even if your words are incomplete. To select one of the recommended results simply click on it with your mouse or use your keyboard to arrow down to the item you want to select and  hit "Enter". What happens next is great; you'll bypass the standard search results page and go straight to the page for the Album, Artist, Composer, Label, or Track you selected, making searching for and finding exact matches faster and easier than ever before.

You don't want to use one of the recommended results? That's fine too, just keep typing your keywords and run your search like you always have and you'll be taken to the standard search results page you're all accustomed to by now.

One last thing: As always we provide the tools to turn features like this on or off so if you wish to opt out of this feature, just go into Edit Site Settings > Search and you can toggle it on or off right there.

What's Next?

As you know we're never finished with improving the platform and its features so in the near future you'll see what we call "faceted search" become available on all sites. What this means in simple terms is that you'll be able to run a keyword search, see the tracks that are related to your query, but in addition to this you'll also be able to see the Albums, Labels, Artists, and Composers that are relevant and related to your search terms as well. It's a natural extension of our current search user experience and it's coming soon!



Feature Enhancement: Enhanced Metadata Exporting Tools


Now you can easily export subsets of your entire metadata database

Now you can easily export subsets of your entire metadata database


We're very happy to announce a small but powerful enhancement to the metadata export tool found in every SourceAudio music search and distribution site. The next time you access your metadata export tool you'll notice that you have a few more options to play with. Instead of downloading your entire database every time you want to work with a spreadsheet, you can now identify subsets of metadata to download to a spreadsheet making metadata updates easier than ever.

With this new tool you can now export spreadsheets by:

  • Individual or multiple catalogs
  • Individual or multiple labels
  • Track publish date ranges

The track publish date ranges are great because if you know you published a bunch of tracks in the past week and only want to work with the metadata on those files, you can go back one week with the date selection tool and export only the metadata for those most recently uploaded and published tracks. This should really speed up the amount of time you spend working on your metadata.

We hope you enjoy this new improvement and as always, there's MUCH more coming soon!



SourceAudio’s Sonic Search API is Now Available

SourceAudio's Proprietary "Sonic Search" technology can now power 3rd part sites

SourceAudio's Proprietary "Sonic Search" technology can now power 3rd party sites


Introducing the new Sonic Search API

SourceAudio's proprietary audio-signal-processing and frequency-analysis search technology called "Sonic Search" -- which already comes standard with every site on our network -- has made another huge leap forward just a few months after its initial launch. Companies who want to tap into all of the benefits of audio-initiated music searching can now integrate the best signal-processing technology available into their own stand-alone site via our new Sonic Search API. Through the API your users will be able to search for music on your own website by uploading an mp3, pasting in a SoundCloud URL, or pasting in a YouTube URL and Sonic Search will return results from your music catalog that are musically similar to the track used to initiate the search. It's really that simple.

How does the API work?

SourceAudio's development team has prepared standard API documentation that any web programming team will be able to follow for seamless integration of Sonic Search into your own site. Once the API is integrated SourceAudio will scan and index each track in your music catalog and then you're ready to go.

Why use Sonic Search?

There are several business, user experience and market-driven reasons why Sonic Search is becoming increasingly important in music licensing.

1. We know that more and more music buyers are looking to sonic matching & signal processing search technologies to aid them in their music searches. Metadata is great, but signal processing + metadata is even better and Sonic Search is the solution.

2. In several head-to-head comparisons against similar technologies, SourceAudio has won out every time in both the quality of the results and the overall user experience.

3. SourceAudio built Sonic Search from scratch, wholly owns every piece of it, and has dedicated development experts in-house who continually update, improve, tweak and perfect the algorithms that deliver you the best search results possible. We're dedicated to maintaing the best signal processing tech available anywhere.

How do I get API access?

Getting API access is simple. Just send an email to our sales team at sales[at] or fill out our contact form found here and one of our reps will get back to you right away.


New Feature: YouTube Content ID System Revenue & Reporting Dashboard

SourceAudio makes earning revenue on your music in the YouTube Content ID System easier than ever

SourceAudio makes earning revenue on your music in the YouTube Content ID System easier than ever


SourceAudio already makes participation in the YouTube Content ID system simpler than ever and we've just taken it one step further:  Tap into detailed revenue & performance reporting with our fully-integrated reporting dashboard that's now available to all Admins on the network. With this new reporting dashboard you can have a live look into your total revenue earned to date, the total number of videos you have claimed in the system, your top performing videos & tracks, and detailed monthly revenue reports.

For those of you who are already enrolled in the YouTube Content ID System program through SourceAudio, you can see your reports right now in the new "YouTube Content ID" section of your Admin Panel. You'll have historical performance data in there right now so have a look and pull any reports you need. For those of you who aren't on board with SourceAudio's YouTube Content ID System program you're probably missing out on this great revenue stream for your business. SourceAudio makes file uploading and video claiming easier than ever - just contact Dan or Andrew to let them know you'd like to get started and we'll take it from there. No need to provide updated hard drives or anything on your end - we've got your music files on our cloud servers already so the hard part is already done. We'll sync your music over to the YouTube Content ID System and you can simply sit back and watch your revenue performance through this new dashboard and reporting feature. We know there are several libraries already on board who are earning thousands of dollars each month through this program so if you want in on the action and you'd like to track your performance through this great new reporting tool just let us know and we'll get you all set up!



New Feature: Embedded Track Player

SourceAudio embedded player

Create embedded players with this new simple tool

You can now embed individual tracks from your SourceAudio site on your other sites, blogs, or anywhere that allows embedded content. The embedded player is a great way to promote your music on other sites & blogs while giving users an easy way to click through to your site to discover more music and contact you about licensing. Embedding tracks is currently limited only to admins. Setting up your players and embedding them is simple.

Here's how it works

  1. Go to the track detail page for the track you want to embed in your site or blog by clicking on the track's title.
  2. Below the "License Now" button on the right side of the page you'll see a new "Embed" button - click it to display the player setup tool you see in the screenshot above.
  3. Configure your player by choosing your sharing & download settings for users who see this player embedded on your site or blog; define you player width; select your text, background, and border colors; and click "Copy Embed Code" to finish.
  4. Paste your embed code into your site or blog, save, and finish. Quick tip: Depending on your blog/page editor, you'll usually need to be in HTML or "source" mode for the player to appear properly.

The new SourceAudio embedded player will play in all browsers and is fully HTML 5 compatible so it works well on iOS devices as well.

Check out a few examples of the new player

Here's one with a gray background and blue text:

Here's that same track but with black text and a red background:

Here's one more in blue and red:

What can you expect to see next with these players?

A few enhancements for these players are already in the pipeline:

  1. We're going to extend the ability to embed tracks to all users who have access to your site - not just admins - and you'll be able to make catalogs, labels and albums embeddable/not embeddable through your music access profiles.
  2. Embeddable playlists are coming next.

Enjoy your new embedded players!

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