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Another Great Update: Improved Email Formatting!

This is the new email format your clients will see when you send them music!

We'll keep this update nice and short but we thought it was worth sharing: We just launched the new email design and layout this morning. All emails sent through your SourceAudio site will appear in your clients' email bodies just like the image above. It's a much cleaner layout PLUS we've embedded the album art when tracks and albums are sent, and playlist art when sending a playlist*. You still have the opportunity to add your own custom message to each outgoing email so nothing there has changed. For those of you with custom email formatting turned on (you know who you are), you'll want to disable your custom formatting to take advantage of this new, clean, much improved email format. Enjoy and send away!

Custom email format tool path: Dashboard > Email Format (turn the custom format switch to "off" at the top to use this new layout!).

•One small note about images in emails: Web-based email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.) often strip images out of emails and there's not much that can be done about it. To reveal the album/playlist art you can click "display images" when you open the email. Email applications like Outlook, Apple Mail etc. should display the images nicely by default.


SourceAudio Launches Sonic Search – The Music Search Revolution Has Begun!

SourceAudio's new SonicSearch technology enables users to search for music for license by uploading audio files to find similar results


SonicSearch is here and it's now available on all SourceAudio network sites!

SourceAudio is proud to announce the release of Sonic Search, a technology which will radically reshape the way music is searched and discovered.  Developed entirely in-house, Sonic Search allows users to upload any audio file and return results that are musically similar to the song the user has uploaded.

Here's how SonicSearch works:

  • Every song in the SourceAudio cloud is analyzed by SonicSearch to generate a unique fingerprint for that song based on the instruments used and specific musical indicators
  • When you upload a song to find a similar result, the uploaded file goes through the same process and is compared with our SonicSearch index to find your matches
  • Matches are rated and ranked by their similarity to your uploaded track and can be further refined with filters or keyword searches
  • Quick tip: Drag & drop also works for quick and easy uploading...give it a shot!

Co-Founder and CEO Geoffrey Grotz comments “Search, particularly in the world of sync licensing, has relied entirely on metadata...which has been a below average experience at best.  By analyzing the signal a musical piece generates we’re able to find similar signals and when combined with metadata refinement the results are absolutely astounding.”

Sonic Search initially will launch across the 208 SourceAudio member sites which include  industry leading music labels, ad agencies, broadcast and production companies.  Additionally, Sonic Search can be integrated into proprietary and other 3rd party music search and delivery systems.

For site owners and admins: To enable or disable SonicSearch on your site, just go to your Admin Panel > Edit Site Settings > Search and set your preference on or off.

One final thought: SonicSearch will continually be improved upon and new releases will be made available on a regular basis. You'll notice the already high-quality matches get even better and better over time. We're never done making this the best platform available anywhere!


Another Huge Release: Full Width Layout + Another Big Announcement Coming Very Soon!

Do you use iTunes everyday? Ever use Spotify? Then you're going to love this latest release that's now available to everyone. Introducing our new "Liquid Layout", a full-screen version of your SourceAudio site that stretches from edge to edge in your browser and optimizes for every user's resolution. Here's what's new in this release and here's how it all works:

1. New "Liquid" full-width site layout.

We are extremely proud to offer a new, full-browser-width experience for all sites on the network - think iTunes on this one. Users with nice, big widescreen monitors will be able to view your site in a full-screen mode that adapts to and optimizes for all screen resolutions. To enable the new "liquid layout" on your site, simply to go your Appearance editor under Edit Site Settings in your Admin Panel and you can enable this new option as your default site view for all users. To preview your site in the new liquid layout mode, go to your main tracks page and hit "shift + alt + L" on your keyboard. You can toggle between the two views with this keyboard command to determine if you'd like to adopt this new optimized layout across your site.

SourceAudio's new "Liquid" full-width browser layout

2. Drag & drop playlist and cue sheet management.

You'll notice that as you navigate your site and scroll down the page your playlists module to the left will never scroll out of view. We did this in order to support our new drag & drop playlist and cue sheet management feature. You can now click on tracks and drag them into your playlists and cue sheets. You can also select more than one track at a time and drag batches of tracks at once into playlists. Albums work in the same way as well. This is really going to speed up playlist & cue sheet management and we're excited to make it available to you now! Check out how it works in the short video below (go full screen, it's way better than viewing this in its native size).

3. Multiple track selection & download capability.

Tracks can now be selected by clicking on any empty space around the text in a single line listing. You can also select more than one track at a time by holding down 'shift' or 'ctrl' (PC)/'command' (Mac). Once you start selecting tracks you'll notice a "Download Selected" button appear on the bottom left. This new feature allows you and your users to quickly select and download multiple tracks at once without having to create a playlist or download one at a time. You can also see this feature in action in the video above.

Stay tuned...there are some more very big announcements coming right around the corner! The first one is called "Sonic Search" and it's going to be awesome!!


New Tool Now Available: Customize Your Site’s Colors, Logo, Look & Feel

SourceAudio's new appearance editor tool

Take total control of your logo, colors and more...customization is in your hands!

Through our ongoing efforts to hand total control of all aspects of your site over to you as the site owner, we have just launched our new Appearance Editor tool set. Located in your Admin Panel > Edit Site Settings area of your site, the new "Appearance" tab can now be found on the far right. With this new appearance editor you can modify literally every style aspect of your site. From background colors and skins to your main site logo, to your button & waveforms colors and more, you now have control to make those changes on your own at anytime. When you try it out you'll notice that all updates take place in real time on the site so as you're tweaking colors you can see them update instantly before committing to the change. It's really intuitive and a lot of fun to play with.

So, if you ever want to change your colors, add a new logo, try out a background skin, or you just want to try a new color scheme on your site, it's all yours. The power is now in your hands!

One last note: For those sites that have totally custom home pages these new tools won't directly apply. You can swap out logos and modify most colors but some of the custom elements might not update with style changes committed through this new tool.


Send Playlists to Anyone – Registered or Unregistered

Send playlists to anyone, registered or un-registered

It's done! Admins now have the ability to grant unrestricted access to playlists when sending them to unregistered/not logged in users. All playlists can now be sent to any user, anywhere, anytime, and they'll be able to access the entire playlist regardless of the overall site access settings. Also, direct download links in the outgoing email body are now available as well. Your clients will be able to download a full zip folder containing the complete contents of the playlist without having to ever leave their email.

Here's how it all works:

1. Click the "Email Link" icon next to the playlist you want to send. Notice the new checkboxes and URL at the bottom of the email overlay.

2. On the top line that begins with "Grant Access....",  you can expire the link after a specific number of days of your choice or you can make it available forever.

3. On the second line you have the option to enable the direct file download links in the email body. Please note that you have to send the email through your SourceAudio site in order for these links to be embedded in the email body. We can't control what's in the body of an outgoing email that's sent from another program. When your client receives the email message notifying them of the new playlist they can simply click the new download link in the email body that initiates the download instantly. Even if your site has Registration Required this new feature will work for all users.

4. Lastly, you can simply copy & paste the link at the bottom and send it to whomever you want to receive the playlist. All users, logged in or logged out, will be able to audition the playlist with this link. Feel free to send it from your email program of choice - just note that since some users won't be logged in and SourceAudio can't tell who you're sending it to from your own email program, your stats and reporting on the playlist will be slightly limited. We'll be able to track the number of opens and the logged in users who opened it. We'll know the IP address of non-logged in users who opened it as well. So, you'll get a really good picture of the activity on the playlist, you just won't have all of the names of the logged out users who accessed it.

There it is! Your playlists can be sent to any user, logged in or logged out. So, start sending some playlists!

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