2021 at SourceAudio in Review

2021 has been a huge year at SourceAudio. Check out the highlights in our 2021 review!

In 2021, we reached 21.7 million tracks hosted by over 2700 catalogs and libraries on the platform.

This year, SourceAudio revenue-generating programs hit new milestones and made music monetization easier and more profitable than ever.

SourceAudio ONE

In 2021, we launched SourceAudio ONE, bringing multi-platform, opt-in blanket licenses deals to music libraries and millions of premium tracks to broadcasters. Every deal comes with full transparency and reporting, built on our flagship management and delivery tools.

YouTube Content ID

In 2021, we started to offer the first 90 days of YouTube Content ID at a 100-0 split! Collecting Youtube royalties with SourceAudio provides better payouts and more powerful tools than any other Content ID provider. Check out our full list of features, a complete interface tour, or read what our clients have to say.

SourceAudio Collect

Global performance and mechanical royalty collection has never been easier than it is now with SourceAudio Collect. Collect from whatever territories you need, from over 72 unique territories around the world, at a competitive revenue split. We handle all the legwork of registering your tracks!

Alpha Libraries for Radio

In 2021, Alpha Libraries for Radio surpassed 2 million tracks, servicing over 4000 users with over 650k tracks downloaded. Alpha stands as the leading provider for premium radio production music, with 6 new albums released every day of the week.

Podcast Music

Podcasters in 2021 trust Podcast Music for everything from single song licenses, to podcast network blanket subscriptions. With over 1 million tracks available for one-stop licensing, it’s the largest production music library just for podcasting and offers a grant of rights that covers everywhere podcasts are used.

In 2021 we released all of these brand new features

SourceAudio Mobile

Our mobile-optimized site went live this year, bringing essential site features into the palm of your hand.

SourceAudio for Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition

Now available in the Adobe Exchange, the SourceAudio extension for Premiere Pro and Audition allows Adobe users to browse SourceAudio-hosted libraries, play tracks, and drag-and-drop audio files into a project, all within their Adobe session.

Music Access Filters

Music Access Filters provide all the power of Music Access Profiles in the same functionality, but allow for multiple filters to be assigned to a single user. Music Access Filters allow your users to toggle their assigned access settings so they can jump between different visibility/download settings in real time.

E-commerce Customer Management Panel

The new e-commerce user management panel allows site administrators to search users, manage user subscription status, see how many download credits users have, and add or remove credits instantly.

Questions about any of these features or programs?

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Friday, 10 December 2021