Use Custom Fields to Leverage Unlimited Metadata Functionalities for Your Tracks

By SourceAudio | Updated November 11, 2022

Custom fields are a powerful tool for organizing your library in a way that represents your brand in the most effective and impactful manner possible.

SourceAudio standard fields provide all the essential metadata functions that power your site, including organization by catalog, label, album, genre, PRO-compliant writer and publisher data, the ability to nest alternate and stem versions under their respective main versions, and much more! 

For the unique functionalities that fit your library, we offer custom fields. Create as many custom fields as you’d like to power track filters, show as track list columns, store data, and optimize search results.


Tag your tracks with relevant keywords to influence their placement in search results for text searches. The greater the portion of your track’s metadata that matches a search, the higher it will rank in search results. Note, just like regular fields can be hidden, you have the option to hide any custom fields from non-admins so that your search optimization stays private.


List what time period your track sounds like it’s from. The reference of a given era might be just what your clients need to find what they’re looking for.

PLUS just like standard field filters, you can nest custom field filters in your track filters. For instance, nest your genre filter in an era filter to create a more dynamic search experience and get more specific about the sounds of that era.


Our standard length filter is a set of two numerical entry fields that set a desired range. With a custom duration field, you can tag your tracks with values that section them off into categories like “short”, “mid-length”, and “long” cues.


Communicate or store information on anything relating to the availability or licensing process of a track. A field like this is the perfect place to keep data on exclusivity, territory restrictions, rights expirations, or any sort of special circumstances regarding clearance.


Tag your alternate tracks as stingers, remixes, instrumental versions, or any kind or alternate you have present.



And any other fields that can optimize your library!

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