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Music Publishers and Streaming Services Announce New Royalty Rate for Songwriters

From 2023 through 2027, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, and Pandora have agreed to gradually increase publisher and songwriter royalties to 15.35% of revenue collected.

The Digital Media Association (DiMA), the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), and the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) have publicized their new agreement for the Phonorecords IV proceeding that determines publisher and songwriter royalties. The change will be “phased in over the five-year term”, and brings with it a total increase of .25%, up from the 15.1% rate set in the Phonorecords III proceeding.

In addition, the three organizations have shared that the settlement “includes a number of changes to other components of the rate” including “increases to the per-subscriber minimums,” a reworked “treatment of ‘bundles’ of products or services that include music streaming,” and an updated system that governs “how services can offer incentives to attract new subscribers.”

DiMA president and CEO Garrett Levin, head of the organization that represents streamers Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and Pandora, shares that—“For streaming services, this moment presents an opportunity to pursue new collaborations with publishers and songwriters in the context of economic certainty that will support continued innovation.”

Friday, 23 September 2022
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Metadata CSV DOs and DON’Ts

Here’s a thorough list of dos and don’ts for success with CSVs for metadata editing.

Do rely on metadata CSVs to handle large quantities of metadata edits

CSVs and the bulk editing tools within spreadsheet editing programs make large-scale changes easy, quick, and reliable. Site admins can find the full-site export tools in the admin panel by clicking the wrench and screwdriver icon in the top right > manage metadata > export data > Export Track Metadata to CSV. When you’re done making changes to the CSV locally, you can import the metadata changes at the Import Data sub-tab.

Don’t panic if your changes don’t show up right away 

Many data changes made through a CSV import can take some time to appear on your site, sometimes even up to about a day. Of course, larger spreadsheets with more data changes will take longer to import, and CSV spreadsheets with less data will import more quickly.

Do use Libre Office

Libre Office is an open source, completely free alternative to Microsoft Excel with all the essential features Excel offers. Libre Office is especially great for companies operating outside of the United States, as the separation value used in a CSV can differ from country to country and Libre lets you see and control what separator is recognized upon opening any file in their program.

Don’t use Numbers

Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Libre Office should all work for your spreadsheet editing needs, but Numbers can cause issues.

Do export only the tracks you want to edit if you’re only editing a few

If you have a massive library of tracks and you’re only editing a couple of them, you can streamline this process by adding just those few tracks to a playlist, clicking the three-line icon in the top right of the playlist, and exporting a metadata CSV to edit and then import. Similarly, you can head to an album, click the three-line icon in the top right corner of the album, and export metadata for that album.


Do delete columns from your spreadsheet that you are not editing

If you have a column in your spreadsheet, especially one with many tracks, that you are not editing, you can delete this column, including the header, and that field will remain unaffected. This is advantageous because it speeds up the import process. If you leave that column in place on the import, the unedited data you’re importing will be used to overwrite the data that already exists on the site. There won’t be any changes made, it simply means the import will be slower. Note per the bolder text above, if you delete the data under the header but leave the header, this will wipe out all the data on the shield for all those tracks.

Don’t edit the SourceAudio ID field

Your SourceAudio ID numbers are there for a singular purpose, to match up the data you’re importing to the tracks which they came from. 

Do check out our guide to nesting

Nesting can be done quickly and efficiently using a media to spreadsheet export an import. Check out our guide to nesting here.

Thursday, 8 September 2022
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Client Feature: Figure and Groove Talks Successful Growth from the Ground Up

Led by Emmy Award-winning composing duo The de Luca Brothers, Figure and Groove is a truly independent music company with a global reach, dedicated to providing premium quality music and service using an international team of in-demand composers alongside a staff that’s experienced in every aspect of music production, licensing, and publishing. In our interview, co-founder Matthew de Luca shares his thoughts on how Figure and Groove grew from the ground up to become a highly sought-after original music house and production music library.

How did Figure and Groove first begin? What did the business look like in the early days? 

We started out as songwriters and musicians in rock bands in the 80’s and 90’s, and our journey took some wild and twisted turns! After bouncing around various record labels for over 15 years, we decided to switch gears and focus on another passion of ours which had always been composing for the film and TV world. In the early days, we developed clients by going above and beyond to prove ourselves and show what we could bring to each project, and we’ve maintained that kind of hands-on, personalized approach to this day. We started out just doing original music scoring and a few years later started the library back in 2008. Our goal for the library from the beginning was to always work with top composers from all over the world and have a really high-quality, authentic, and diverse catalog. 

What kinds of sounds or genres have been most in demand from your clientele recently? 

Thankfully our clients are so creative we get every kind of request! Something that’s always in demand from agencies to sports clients is the kind of modern orchestral music we have in our library’s ‘Transitions’ series, which is music that builds or shifts from ‘dark to light’ or ‘problem to solution’. The demand for this type of subtly transitioning music is always strong so we are continuously adding new volumes to that series. We have quite a few ‘series’ in our library to represent the styles we find to be in the most constant demand, another big one is our “Groove Pop” series with vibey sophisticated electronic music. That gets a lot of use too.

Is there any specific customer sector that’s experiencing rapid growth right now?

Our main focus has always been original score and custom music, and we are definitely seeing a trend of networks and studios wanting to invest and commission more original music. With the massive amount of content being released these days, it really helps to give each project a unique sound and identity. We love collaborating with our partners and the challenge of finding just the right sound palette and tone for every project. With the library, we are getting a lot of political spots since it’s another election year and there are agencies who specialize in political spots that we are a top source for, so we’re currently making more music specifically for that growth area as well. 

Is Figure and Groove still hiring for a new UK Director of Sync and Licensing?

Yes, we are! We have an incredible network of sub-publishers all over the world and have been developing business directly in the UK market for some years now, with both original score and the library. We’d currently like to expand our presence across the pond in both areas, and whoever fills this role will be a dynamic addition to our global team. 

In your experience, what’s the best way to get a music supervisor to listen to your tracks? 

This is a question that gets asked a lot and while there are no sure-fire ways to get a music supervisor to listen to your music, we have always believed in developing relationships over time and becoming a trusted, go-to source for the best quality music available. We believe it’s important to walk a line of being educated, consistent, respectful and patient, while also offering creative ideas that may expand preconceived boundaries. We believe that the overall high quality of our music is what ultimately gets anyone to listen, and we are consistently promoting our independent artist catalog of vocals tracks called ‘Artist Friendly’ that we started a few years ago too.

Is your music available to listen to on DSPs? 

Our entire catalog outside of our AURA sound design collection is available on all major streaming platforms worldwide, and it definitely has helped grow our reach and global presence.

Any advice for up-and-coming sound designers, composers, or recordists striving to create professional, industry-quality tracks? 

As longtime songwriters and award-winning composers, we truly understand what is needed to make sure we stay at the top of our game both creatively and sonically. Open your ears to what you hear around you whether it is a series, film, trailer or commercial. Someone gave us advice years ago to not just watch a program but rather close your eyes and listen to it and you will find you can hear so many more nuances than if you are also viewing it. We believe in this kind of 360-degree approach…sonically, mentally, emotionally, creatively. 

At the core, creativity and talent will always be the driving force to your music, but investing in your equipment is also a key component in staying relevant and not getting stagnant. If you tend to be a more organic composer/songwriter, consider trying a new instrument! Something outside of your wheelhouse to bring a new dimension to your sound. Try a new tuning or something with a different type or amount of strings, and so on... you will be surprised at the new tones you can create with simple additions to your sound palette. If you are a more in-the-box composer, make sure you are always staying on top of the latest trends and sounds out there, and always try and stay away from just opening a sample package and just putting pre-made sounds together. With so much talent and competition out there, we can definitely hear when this is happening and will generally avoid investing in music that is created this way. Always be creative and original, it will show!

Does Figure and Groove have a company mission that guides business development or client experience? 

Our priority is building relationships and truly listening and working closely with clients to make sure we are giving them exactly what they want and what is most useful to them. We want to be full service, from the actual music to every other aspect of the experience, including attention to details and deadlines, accuracy on cue sheets, project deliverables, solid music searches, ease of finding music on library sites, you name it. Whatever is required, we want to exceed that. It’s this most basic foundation of our company philosophy that we’ve held since day one that also guides our internal decision-making process in every way, keeping it a truly personal and independent company with organic growth. And we wouldn’t want it any other way! 

Any all-time favorite placements? 

Our music director is a tennis nut so her all-time favorite job of ours was the theme package we did for ESPN/ABC for the US Open Grand Slam that they ended up using for many years! We also love the hip-hop music we’ve had placed in several Pizza Hut commercials this year, including one that ran on Super Bowl Sunday – that was a lot of fun for us. Ultimately though, we value every placement because we know the teamwork that’s put in and how good it feels for our composers to get that sort of validation, and as composers ourselves, we know that none of what we do is possible without the amazing collaborators we work with. It always starts with the music.   both original score and the library. We’d currently like to expand our presence across the pond in both areas, and whoever fills this role will be a dynamic addition to our global team. 

Friday, 2 September 2022
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Upcoming Online Music Industry Events and Resources – Fall 2022

Check out our handpicked list of the best online resources for composers and music businesses in the coming months!

Going Global Music Summit 2022 – September 2-3

Going Global Music Summit culminates in an annual showcase of burgeoning  Aotearoa/New Zealand talent, occurring alongside the industry seminars. The 2022 event showcases nine new speakers working in the international music space that will deliver the latest on how to get ahead in international pathways, and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business landscape. Speakers include Head of Music at The Great Escape Festival UK / Live Nation Adam Ryan, States of Sound Music Supervisor Amine Ramer, SXSW Senior Music Programmer Dev Sherlock, VP of Operations at UTOPIA Rachel Kelly, CEO & Co-Founder of EKKO Music Rights Robin Jenssen, and many more!

Register at indies.co.nz/going-global/

Music Pro Summit – September 6-8

Music Pro Summit is where the art and business sides of the industry intersect

and showcase the next wave of music technology in the process. With over 20 featured speakers, music tech and culture collide at Music Pro Summit: the ultimate destination to navigate the industry’s most exciting intersection. From NFTs and blockchain to

beatmakers and sampling tools, the program centers around how tech innovations have made music monetization & production more exciting than ever.

Register at musicprosummit.com

PMC 2022 – September 21-23

SourceAudio is very proud to be a sponsor of the PMA’s 2022 Production Music Conference! The event is scheduled for September 21-23, 2022 at the OMNI Hotel in Los Angeles, CA with live-steamed passes available as well. Speakers include

Emmy-winning & Grammy-winning composer and founder of the AWFC Laura Karpman, CEO of Capasso Jotam Matariro, award-winning music supervisor Mike Turner, and many more!

Register at pmamusic.com/event/pmc-2022

ADE Online – October 19-23

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the most upfront, influential and educational gathering for electronic music and its industry. With its conference, festival, and educational breeding ground, ADE Onlineis able to create not only the biggest yearly industry tent-pole moment, but also a solid foundation for future generations of electronic music professionals. The event attracts a total of more than 1,000 events in nearly 200 locations across its multidisciplinary program; for five days and nights, the city of Amsterdam truly breathes electronic music.

Register at amsterdam-dance-event.nl/en/

Friday, 26 August 2022
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Site Theme Presets and New Features for Customizing Album, Artist, and Many More Pages are Live!

We’ve added new capabilities to create more vivid, immersive branding on many SourceAudio site pages!

Customize your site’s color scheme in a single click with our new site theme presets!

Save valuable time by setting up your site’s branding with any of our six preset themes. You can even make adjustments after implementing a preset theme to fine-tune your branding. These tools are found in Edit Site Settings » Appearance » Colors.

Add a background photo to display behind your album, playlist, artist, writer, publisher, label, or catalog page information

You can also opt to fill the space behind your page’s information with an auto-generated color gradient based on the page’s artwork or a solid color of your choosing. All color for this section including the background color with a gradient or banner and all the text is in Edit Site Settings » Appearance » Colors, under List Headers.

Artwork at the top of these pages now displays larger than before, taking up the full height of the space between your nav bar and tracklist. You can also opt to not display the album artwork at the top of the page, and just show the banner artwork behind the page information

We know that artwork and playlists are two major components of site functionality so track artwork appears larger site wide, and the playlist sidebar is also larger now.

We even gave track plages a sleek new look!

We put a greater emphasis on the most essential elements of your track pages by adding a bold artwork placement to the left of your waveform and moving key admin tools together above the file format listings.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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