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A Complete Guide to Moving Your Music Library Onto SourceAudio

The tools on your SourceAudio site make it easy to get all your tracks and metadata uploaded, formatted, and ready to pitch. One simple upload is all it takes to utilize all our powerful features for your tracks!

Our track upload tools make it quick and easy to get your whole library online!

Just drag and drop your files onto the track uploader in your admin panel to upload and then publish all your tracks. Plus, transcode any missing file types with a single click, so you always have AIFFs, WAVs, and MP3s on file for immediate downloading.

Launching a new SourceAudio site with a massive upload or transfer? Email support@sourceaudio.com for additional upload tools.

Count on your music never losing quality

Your files maintain their original bitrate at all times on SourceAudio. Download your lossless files with the same specs they were uploaded with, while transcoded MP3s play back on-site and are downloaded at standard 320kbps.

Seamlessly ingest your old metadata into streamlined SourceAudio fields

Export a CSV from your old hosting solution and leverage that data to organize your tracks on SourceAudio. During the upload process, you have total control over which SourceAudio fields are affected by each of your data columns being imported. 

Custom metadata fields ensure all your data has a place

Bringing in data that doesn't correlate to any of the SourceAudio standard fields? We make it simple to create as many custom fields as you'd like to store all the data you need. These custom fields can be used as filters, displayed as track list columns, or hidden from non-admins, so they're just for your own internal use.

Leverage our powerful API

If you have developer knowledge available, our API can be used to bulk import tracks and metadata. The API is free of any additional charge but does require developer knowledge to be used. Find the complete SourceAudio API documentation here.

Once all your tracks and metadata are online, you're all set to start pitching and driving traffic to your SourceAudio site and enroll in any of our revenue-generating programs:

YouTube Content ID

SourceAudio ONE

SourceAudio Collect

Alpha Libraries for Radio (1000+ tracks)

Podcast Music (1000+ tracks)

Thursday, 5 January 2023
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2022 at SourceAudio in Review

2022 has been an incredible year at SourceAudio, with more tracks, more searches, and more revenue generated for our clients. Check out the highlights in our 2022 review!

In 2022…

We surpassed 25 million tracks hosted on the platform » up 15% from last year

We had an estimated 110 thousand monthly active users » up 18% from last year

Over 25 million tracks were downloaded from SourceAudio » up 25% from last year

Over 19 million searches were run on SourceAudio » up 59% from last year

And bigger still is the growth in our payouts to our clients…
In the most recent four quarters posted,
our YouTube program payouts are up 107% from last year.

New Feature Releases in 2022

Redesigned and More Customizable Album, Artist, and Many More Pages
Our redesign of album, playlist, artist, writer, publisher, label, and catalog pages has provided our users with new capabilities to create more vivid, immersive branding. Add a background photo to display behind your page’s artwork, leave a solid colored background, or let our system use your image’s colors to create a color gradient. These tools put you in control of your site’s branding in exciting new ways.

Site Theme Presets 

Implementing your branding on a new SourceAudio site has never been faster and easier than with the site theme presets we launched this year. Choose from any of our seven color themes to get your site matching your brand’s colors in just a few clicks. If you want to make any tweaks after, our highly granular color settings allow you to adjust the colors implemented from a preset to your exact preferences.

Sonic Search v2.0
This year our Sonic Search tool got even faster, smarter, and more accurate. By reconstructing Sonic Search’s audio analysis capabilities using machine learning, Sonic Search now returns more relevant results in half the time of its prior iteration.


New Site Routing

This year we implemented a new site routing system that lays the groundwork for future SEO developments. Stay tuned for exciting SEO roll-outs in 2023 and beyond!

Dan Korbkin at A2IM Indie Week

We had a blast at this year’s A2IM Indie Week in New York City! Among the many highlights of their program, our own President of Sales, Dan Korbkin, spoke on the A2IM panel “How Tech is Revolutionizing Sync Licensing” alongside Änna Marsh from Big Sync Music and panel moderator Benjamin Verdoes from SyncFloor.

Pitching Guide and More Resources

We released a ton of informative material this year, including our in-depth guide to pitching and driving traffic to your SourceAudio site. Keep an eye on our blog more for deep dives into site features, interviews with amazing companies, the latest industry news, and much more.

Thanks for making 2022 a great year!

Friday, 9 December 2022
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Upcoming Online Music Industry Events and Resources – Winter 2022/2023

Check out our handpicked list of the best online resources for composers and music businesses this winter!

NY:LON Connect 2023 – January 16-17, 2023

NY:LON Connect gathers top decision-makers from the international music industry to discuss and debate key industry issues and set the agenda for the coming year. This marquee global music business summit features a high-level program that explores the future of music with keynotes and presentations from industry power players focused on driving positive change in the business. In addition, the event offers focused networking opportunities to build relationships that will impact the international ecosystem for years to come.

Register at nylonconnect.com

California Copyright Conference Webinar – January 17, 2023

The California Copyright Conference presents Don’t Get Short Changed, Understanding the Nuances of SoundExchange, a panel taking place via Zoom and moderated by Garrett Johnson and Charley Londoño. Garrett Johnson is a member of the Bars of New York and the District of Columbia, specializing in entertainment and tax law. He represents a cross-spectrum of creative talent and industry participants. Prior to practicing law, Charley Londoño was a music industry executive in the radio promotion departments of major label record companies, including Arista, A&M, IRS, and MCA. Panelists TBA.

Register at theccc.org

Jason Blume Songwriting Workshop, presented by BMI – January 24, 2023

This January, Jason Blume will provide a constructive critique of one song from each workshop participant and will share a melody or lyric technique. Selected songs will be forwarded to up to 10 publishers (depending on genre). During the more than 25 years that Jason has been teaching this workshop, attendees have had #1 singles, signed staff-writing deals, and placed songs with artists, publishers, and in TV and films.

Register at bmi.com/events

Sync Summit – February 7-10, 2023

This year’s Sync Summit will be a hybrid event that will take place live in Los Angeles and online throughout the world. By combining the live and online experiences, the program aims to provide its attendees with more opportunities to learn, connect, and create with people throughout the world than ever before. The event will include four days of panels, keynotes, and demos from over 100 speakers from brands, TV, film, production, sync agents, and more industry players. Benefits also include networking opportunities throughout the event, composition showcases, workshops on practical elements of sync and scoring, an EPK for every attendee on the Sync Summit website, a final contact list of speakers and attendees, and the opportunity to submit music to every speaker at the event.

Register at syncsummit.com

Thursday, 1 December 2022
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New Music Libraries on the Platform: KOMB Music, Brizz Sound Works, Triple Colossal X Music, ORiGiN

We’re thrilled to share that the following music libraries have just joined the SourceAudio platform!

KOMB MusicListen Here

KOMB Music Publishing Limited is a publisher and record label based in Great Malvern, United Kingdom and founded in 2021 by multi-instrumentalist and composer Karl Lane. KOMB Music represents commercial and production music from across the world in all genres and styles. Currently representing around 100 composers and artists and growing at an increasingly rapid rate with a catalogue size of around 1500 full mixes, their placements include Knorr food advertising, Strays TV Show, and David Icke: Renegade, plus placements on broadcasts networks including Ickonic, E!, OWN, Netflix, MTV, A+E, Comcast, and more. From neo-classical hybrid cues to crime and tension cues, commercial pop, classical scores, indie rock, comedy and quirky cues, and more, KOMB Music aims to cover a wide selection of genres and styles to satisfy all needs and wants.

Brizz Sound WorksListen Here

Brizz Productions, which includes Brizz Sound Works, is a unique music collection. Led by Byron Brizuela, Brizz Sound Works specializes in Latin, urban, hybrid Latin, hip-hop, and EDM music, as well as delivering authentic traditional Latin music genres such as regional Mexican, Cumbia, Latin pop, and reggaeton, along with evolving styles such as Latin, R&B, and trilingual rap. Byron's work has been heard on NBC, Netflix, Fox Sports, Telemundo, Univision, and numerous feature films, television commercials, branding campaigns, and radio jingles. Brizz Sound Works is synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship you can trust. The catalog offers clients a deep, extensive journey through Latin music, as well as a different take on traditional styles through genre-breaking music produced by multi-dimensional creatives, "living la vida loca" 24/7.

Triple Colossal X MusicListen Here

Triple Colossal X Music is a premium boutique music licensing company specializing in high-quality trailer music that channels raw emotion and injects monumental energy and impact into a spectrum of visual media. Delivering a deep, compelling sonic experience, the catalog of Triple Colossal X Music brings narratives to life and takes listeners on an epic journey – from intimate beauty to massive cinematic intensity, the huge thrilling signature sound of the company is constantly evolving and ever-expanding.

ORiGiN – Listen Here

Being an Australian-owned independent operation gives ORiGiN a dynamic flexibility as the business continues to evolve and change. The fundamentals that don’t change are that creative people need understanding, considered, experienced, and reliable services to manage their works and seek and find opportunity. The team at ORiGiN provides a solid, reliable and personalized service to its wonderful variety of artists, composers, catalogues and clients.

Thursday, 24 November 2022
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Congratulations to All the Production Music Award Winners on the SourceAudio Platform!

Last but certainly not least of the 2022 award ceremonies for music synchronization, the Production Music Awards acknowledged all of the following companies who we are so proud to have on SourceAudio. Congratulations on your well-deserved wins!

Extreme Music

Winner of:

Best Acoustic Pop/Rock Production Music Track
“Somethign in the Water”
By Malory Torr

Best Ambient/Minimalist Production Music Track
“Cave Water”
By Praers

Best Electronic Production Music Track
“Get Money”
By Stuart Winters, Tiger Gates, Alex Nova

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Production Music Track
“Win or Lose, It’s What I Do”
By Lorne Balfe, Steve Kofsky, Russell Emanuel, Kevin Risto, Chelson Strong

Best Use of Production Music in Television Advertising
“Always Go the Distance”
In the Production “Sure – Watch Me Move”
By Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza

Best Use of Production Music in Sports Promo
“The Search Goes On”
In the production “Commonwealth Games”
By Rupert Pope

BMG Production Music

Best Indie/Alternative Production Music Track
Liquid Sunshine
By Bea Parks, Jack Lake, Mike Monaghan, Tomas Greenhalf

Best Rock Production Music Track
Let the Rain In
By Holly Henderson

Best World Production Music Track
Aye Kamine
By Aditya Narayan, Vayantara Bhatkal

Best Wildcard Production Music Track
Aye Kamine
By Housequake, McMalaise

Elephant Music

Winner of:

Best Use of Production Music in a Television Trailer
In the production “Landscapers”

By Sean Redmond

Best Use of Production Music in a Film Trailer
In the production “Don’t Worry Darling”

By Simon George Begg

Universal Production Music

Winner of:

Best Trailer Production Music Track
By Si Begg, Damon Baxter

West One Music Group

Winner of:

Best Newcomer

Thursday, 17 November 2022
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