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Free 30-Day Trials Begin Now!

Begin Your Free 30-Day Trial on Source Audio Now!

Begin Your Free 30-Day Trial on Source Audio Now!

Got music for license? Take advantage of the most powerful and easy-to-use music licensing search and distribution platform for free for 30 days. Plans start at just $99/month. We will import your music, customize the look and feel of your site, give you a custom URL, give you a tour of your new site, and will be available to answer any and all of your questions about the platform while you focus on growing your business. Contact us today to begin the free trial!


LA Riot Launches Their Branded Search and Distribution Site

LA Riot

LA Riot Launches with over 3,000 songs

Congratulations to the folks over at LA Riot who recently launched their branded search and distribution site on the Source Audio platform. With 3,154 superior-quality production music tracks for license they join 18 other catalogs and labels on the platform. Check out some of their tracks right here. "Defiant Drums" is one I just found and like a lot - it sounds like something straight from a movie. Check it out for yourself.


A Special Invitation From Source Audio…

A special invitation from Source Audio

Calling all music reps, music labels, catalogs, composers, artists, and anyone who has music available for license...start your free 30-day demo period on the most advanced search and distribution platform for music licensing!

Contact us today to coordinate delivery and secure import of your digital song files and metadata. Also, refer a paying customer to our platform and receive a free month of service on your own account - up to one full year!


SelecTracks Becomes the Second White Label Catalog Partner to Go With Our Advanced DNS Support Product

SelecTracks on Source Audio

SelecTracks on Source Audio

We’ve got our 2nd white label partner taking advantage of our advanced DNS support feature! While the site, code, music and data are Source Audio-hosted, the site lives under the SelecTracks domain. Pretty cool. We can really point any URL (with proper access) at these white label partner sites making them look and feel like they’re truly integrated into each partner’s site. Our [dot] vanity URL’s are nice for some but for larger partners and brands, this feature becomes a necessity. We’re pretty excited about this custom offering.

By the way, check out the new waveforms for all tracks on the site. They’re awesome. Not to boast, but they’re way better than all the others out there. They don’t get blown out to the point where they all being to look to the same. We really nailed these and the volume changes and variations are really noticeable and extremely accurate.


New and Improved Projects Feature Is Live

We just launched a big improvement to one of the coolest features on the platform, called Projects. Simply put, projects are a quick and easy way to group together a bunch of tracks, save them with a name of your choice, and then share that bundle of tracks with anyone you want. Here are some of the cool upgrades we just launched:

  • the projects interface now follows you whenever you're on a page that has tracks displayed
  • improved interface for handling a ton of projects
  • organizing projects by "Created" and "Received"
  • super-simple one-click creation of a new projects
  • advanced sorting of projects for those users who have hundreds of them at any given time
  • fast project building - you can now "turn on" the project, navigate from page to page, and add any song to the project by clicking its "+" icon
  • project downloads - you can now download the project in its entirety in your preferred file format (wav, mp3, aiff)
  • "Zip to send" feature - click on the zip folder icon at the top of any project page to zip up all of the song files and send them to your clients just like you can do with YouSendIt, only with SourceAudio your song files never need to be uploaded again

Enjoy the new projects feature and let us know if you have any comments or feedback. More to come soon.

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